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System management

According to international standard - ISO14001, considering internal and external environment where the company located, the company has established, implemented, maintained and is improving environmental management system, including required processes and their mutual effect, in order to improve environmental performance of the company through management by objectives (MBO).

In order to identify and evaluate environmental factors related to business operations, fix on important factors thereof and conduct prior evaluation on possible environmental effect of new project, alteration or expansion project to be invested, the company will accomplish design, construction and employment concurrently based on “three concurrent” requirement stated in Regulations on the Administration of Construction Project Environmental Protection to reduce adverse effect on the environment. Besides, the company will identify and evaluate environmental factors concerning production and service that may impact stakeholders, including control for newly sourced equipment, newly initiated project, technical alteration, etc.

To prevent fatal environmental accident, take prompt and effective disposal measures in case of any accident, and enhance prevention and emergency response capability for sudden environmental accident emerging in business operations, the company has established relevant emergency response plan so as to control and reduce harm and loss incurred, and to ensure safety of employees’ life and corporate property practically and effectively.

The company has accomplished the certification of ISO14001 environmental management system in 2004, and currently, has certificates of ISO14001:2015 management system.

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